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May 30

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The highlight for today was Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah.   Lots of food, lots of photos.

Breakfast of coffee, melon and yogurt.  Left the house late.



After the service we stopped for coffee.  My man Dave holds the Java.
Dave grew up on an egg farm.  We love Dave.

Pizza and salad at the consierge suite, 10th floor, Holiday Inn, Stamford, Ct.


A Milky Way came in the hospitality bag upon check in.

Andy and Bob hold my Corona.  I had a second Corona just after and a third later on
in the day.  We love Andy and Bob.  You would too.

On to horsdourves/ cocktail hour.  I forgot to shoot a glass of wine.  Sorry.

These baby lamb chops are indescribably delicious.  I had 4 of them.  I wish this was all I ate all night.  If you are ever in Stamford Ct. go to the Holiday Inn and eat these.


Decent sushi.  I at a ton of it.  Should have had the lamb instead.


Other crap I pigged out on.  I love cocktail hour.  Tomorrow we revisit the corned beef in the form of hash.  This photo is in no way indicative of my portion of each item pictured.


I have no idea what is inside of these mystery tacos.  I do know I ate 2 more.


On to the affair.  Salad and Sam.  If Sam looks miserable, that is because I
ruined his weekend by bringing him.  Shortly after this photo he retired to the
hotel room, watched movies, played computer games, and chatted with his friends with out being told to turn off the tv and computer.  Now that is an ideal weekend.


This is Jeff with his salad.  We love Jeff.  You would too.


The entree.  Beef.  I didn’t eat the whole slab.  Not for lack of trying.


Rock candy.


Black coffee.  There is a big glass of Remy somewhere on that table.
Erica’s back and Dave’s front.  We love Erica, you would too.  Just ask Andy.