December 31

Thank you to everyone who has followed my project.

After taking the last image at midnight I felt melancholy.  I left the fireworks and went back to the party and ate cream puffs.  It was very strange not photographing dessert.  Guilt and relief over not documenting my diet continued through New Year’s Day.

I am still reflecting on what the process meant to me.  And without further ado, the photos…

Rutland and I eat.

Tea at dad’s place.

Nothing beats Brooklyn pizza with Sam.

Dark and Stormy & red wine at a great party.

Quite a spread… lots of ham.

John at the bar.

Ending it exactly how I started it… Champagne at midnight in Prospect Park

watching fireworks.  An excellent way to begin and end!

4 Responses to “December 31”

  1. Thanks for sharing your interesting and gorgeous photos, as well as a part of your life with us…You always made me feel closer to New York, which I adore, and have not been to for a few years now….
    You will be greatly missed…
    Sure ya don’t want to start up another type of blog?
    So many things in your life that could interest others…
    Okay…Okay….I’ll stop now!
    (Let me know if you ever do!!!!)

  2. Thank you very much. I have started another project photographing a woman who just underwent gastric bypass surgery. I will be documenting her body change.

    I already miss the daily shooting and updating… I will start something else soon, I just need a breather.

  3. art to choke on Says:

    wow…i’m a little sad! you concluded it well, my friend. do keep me up to date on any new projects…i’ll be a loyal reader for sure!


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