December 25

Merry Christmas.  Dinner at Martha and Richard’s house.  Couldn’t ask for a better holiday!

Eggs are good, just ask Sam.

Little delicious bombs of flavor.

Chicken soup

Meli delivers the prosciutto and melon

Richard cuts the cheese.

Words cannot describe how much I like beets.

Kevo’s Yule Log.  Tasty mushroom confections.

Biscotti and truffles, we love Martha!

2 Responses to “December 25”

  1. Not into beets, but very into the “little bombs of flavor”
    Happy New Year to you and your lovely family
    Still love your blog…

  2. Lovely pecan drops!

    Nicole, thank you kindly for helping me keep on going.

    I shot my last picture at midnight 12/31/09. I felt melancholy. It is a bit strange for me to eat food without taking a picture. I am sure I will get used to it quickly!

    All the best,


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