October 20

Berek and coffee.


Chinese at the studio.


Dinner at Blue Ribbon


Caesar & heart of endive salads


Smoked trout


Sausage sandwich (they had paella)




3 Responses to “October 20”

  1. art to choke on Says:

    i really, REALLY hope you continue this into next year! i’m not sure if i can go on without seeing what you’re eating & the beautiful photography that accompanies it. are you, are you?!

  2. Thank you so much for the love that keeps me going! I am so looking forward to midnight 12/31/2009 so I don’t have to take another picture of bananas, tacos, granola, yogurt, coffee, steak, beer, Altoids, or anything else I put in my mouth.

    But no need to worry! I will have a new photo project! More photos, different subject.

    Now you inspired me to post another couple of days before dinner!


  3. art to choke on Says:

    yay….i’m totally excited for the new project! you’d better have something REALLY interesting to eat on new year’s eve this year…i have faith in you. you know, go out with a ‘bang’ or whatever. bangers & mash? hmm. not interesting enough. maybe something andrew zimmern style like calf’s brains marinated in amniotic fluid from a wild boar. that would be wild, indeed. well, anyway, i’ll think of something & let you know…

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