May 11






2 Responses to “May 11”

  1. I am a “yogurtaholic” (don’t cha just love that we can attach the word “aholic” to just about everything? In truth, I am so many “aholics” that I could attach that to many food products…I have not tried “La
    Yogurt”..Not sure if it is organic…I am currently a “Wallaby” organic freak…Is this the yogurt you prefer because of taste, cost, or just convenience as to where you purchase it? I notice that it is always the brand that you eat…Do you know if you can get it at Whole Foods?

  2. This is a yogurt I prefer because it magically appears in my refrigerator. I don’t know if it is organic.

    Fairway used to stock a fig flavored greek yogurt I loved. It was $2 a container.

    I have tried Wallaby coffee flavored. I am not a big fan of coffee flavored yogurt. I should try the other varieties.

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