May 2


Leftover ribs and collard greens


Surprise 18th b-day bbq.  Burgers & dogs.





7 Responses to “May 2”

  1. Collard Greens have always been one of this southern girl’s favorite things. Throw some ribs on the plate, and I’m in heaven. Yum!

  2. culinspiration Says:

    The bottom photo cracks me up. Is it me, or do those girls look hungry…?

  3. art to choke on Says:

    damn. i love your blog so much! i truly believe that if i took a photograph of everything i ate, i would be a MUCH better person & would consume far less embarrassing & unhealthy things. sigh!

    • Unfortunately I am the same jerk I was on 12/31/08 and oh how I miss eating those embarrassing things. If you troll my blog you will find a few hear and there. Chocolate bars with peanut butter, chips ahoy cookies… if you find the date I ate the Whopper Jr. I will give you a special prize.

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