April fools.

Coffee grinds ready to compost.

Sausage, pepper, onion, American cheese omelet.

Digging the pours.

Another banana.

Please note my fish is not breaded.


4 Responses to “4-1”

  1. I have tried and tried to make myself like bananas, but I just can’t do it. I wouldn’t mind a bite of that omelet, though!

  2. cityofstrangers Says:

    Every time I visite your site I get hungry . . . have you tried Italian breadcrumbs for the fish? Recommended to me by an Italian fishmonger some years ago – great flavour, without the heaviness.

  3. Eat!!! Everybody else had Italian breadcrumbs. I am going to Florida next week so I am not eating carbs. Then I pour on the tartar sauce.

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