February 2

6:48 am

9:09 am

1:51 pm  The coffee and grilled chicken salad are mine.

8:22 pm   Nadine, I had 4 bowls of salad and no Diet Coke.


2 Responses to “February 2”

  1. Woo Hoo! Yippie for salads!
    I’m amazed on how little snacking you do. No chips/chocolates or any sweets treats. Are you hiding something? My Naturopath would be very impressed!

  2. I have stopped snacking. Snacking means additional shooting, editing, and post production and blogging. I have been true to my word and photographed/posted everything. One caveat, I may have a second (or third) cup of coffee or a second serving of an item. I am not documenting the actual quantity I eat. However if I photograph an item like a bagel, and then eat the second half with lox, I will rephotograph the bagel with the lox.

    I will not drink so much Diet Coke, I will not drink so much Diet Coke, I will…

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