Thursday 1/8

I have been drinking a lot of water.

7:34 am

7:35 am

1:07 pm

1:26 pm The first outdoor photograph of the project. Bad coffee but convenient to the subway.

5:02 pm Fairway, gotta love the olive bar. It is well worth taking the photo in order to sample olives. From the backyard of this Red Hook supermarket you have an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty. An action shot… please notice the olive falling off the spoon caught in mid air.

6:36 pm Dinner is served.

3 Responses to “Thursday 1/8”

  1. culinspiration Says:

    Oh my, I love those giant, bright green olives. They aren’t sold in stores here in Washington, DC (sadly!). Next time I’m in NYW, I’ve gotta hit up the Fairway.

  2. culinspiration Says:

    whoops, I meant, NYC

  3. That row is only half of their olive selection… and you are allowed to sample!

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